Euphoria Programming Language + Lib2 & Japi Euphoria 3.1.1 + Lib2 1.23 + Japi 1.0.6

Category: System
Year: 2007
Description:A very high level language, NOT object oriented, very powerful and as simple as it can be. Lib2 is an extended library for Euphoria 3.1.1. Japi is a NON-object oriented GUI library for WIN32 & Linux. These files are Windows-32/DOS-32 and Linux/FreeBSD setup files.
Manufacturer: Rapid Deployment Software (RDS)
Localization: EN

Files to download

#19359e31setup.7z2.1 MB0x8FF11295
#19361eubsd31.7z767.5 KB0xC071D3CE
#19360euphor31.7z822.4 KB0x55805146
#19358lib2v123.zip1.5 MB0xE127706D

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