Enable/OA 4.5 4.5

Category: Office
Year: 1995
Description:Enable/OA 4.5 Office Automation & Productivity Package
Manufacturer: Enable Software
Localization: EN

Files to download

#20887Enable45.zip6.4 MB0x2B33349C

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On Saturday September 23, 2023 Ben said:

After entering the serial number I can't get past the installation directory. I get a "invalid directory" error message. DosBox and vDos both have the issue. Any suggestions?

On Saturday May 13, 2023 Neil Koos said:

How do I install Enable from downloaded zip file

On Tuesday June 11, 2019 Robbie Ferrari said:

Thanks Again for helping me.

On Sunday June 2, 2019 Anonymous said:

If you look inside install.exe, AA999999ESI is a "software testing serial".

On Tuesday May 7, 2019 Robbie Ferrari said:

I used WinImage.. install disk loads fine. It works, i just get stuck at enter serial number.... Can anybody help me with this all i need is a seriAL number to continue to install.

On Friday May 3, 2019 nashua said:

Image files appear to be corrupt. Date stamps on the files in the Install folder have been lost.

On Thursday May 2, 2019 Robbie Ferrari said:

This package retailed for $464.95
back in 1992

On Thursday May 2, 2019 Robbie Ferrari said:

Help I would like to try this out
anybody have the serial number?