ElectroValue 9-Track Pertec Tape Drive Software 77.32

Category: Utility
Year: 2000
Description:MS-DOS Utilities for ATC-8/16 Pertec Tape Controller. Includes manual and tools: -TACO - (TApe COnfiguration) allows the user to easily reconfigure the default Hardware specific values used by the Electrovalue tape drive software -FX - is used to read and write tape files in industry standard format so that the data may be exchanged between your PC and minicomputers/mainframes. FX , along with the features added by FXED, is the most important program. -FXED - is used "off-line" to create FXED control files. FXED control files enhance FX's capabilities with advanced features useful when processing fixed-length mainframe data records. These same powerful, field- processing and record-selection features are also available from within FXED in "DISK-TO-DISK" mode. -CUBS - is very useful in the analysis of labeled and unlabeled tapes of unknown content. You'll want to use CUBS's "L" mode on each mystery tape you receive for processing. -DITTO - is invaluable in analyzing the FIELD STRUCTURE of files containing fixed length records. Input is from tape or disk. The data is displayed below column numbers generated by DITTO that show the location of each character in the record. -D2T - creates mainframe friendly tape files and can optionally generate layout documentation directly from dBASE and dBASE compatible internal-format .DBF files. This means you don't need any free space on your disk! Without this program, you'd need free space the size of the .DBF file. -KEYS - is useful in quickly determining the block size, code (ASCII or EBCDIC) and record length used on mystery tapes using the “R”, “A”, “E”, “D”, “N”, and “C” commands. Additional KEYS features are useful in hardware testing, erasing tapes, and general tape analysis. LRL - does not access tape directly. LRL generates possible record lengths from block sizes you input. LRL is helpful in determining unknown logical record lengths. See the chapter "Dealing With Mystery Tapes". U - does nothing more than send an unload command to the tape drive. If the tape is not at the load point (BOT), U sends a rewind command prior to the unload command.
Manufacturer: ElectroValue
Localization: EN

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