Eagle PCB CAD 2.6

Category: Utility
Year: 1994
Description:Date : 05.23.94 Program : Eagle Layout Version : 2.6 (Dongle Cracked) Lang. : English System : DOS Vendor : CadSoft GmbH Best Layout Editor ever made. Many Versions won't work exactly ... 1st 2.6 Release (Autorout Bug) 2nd 2.6 Cracked by Killefit (won't Work) 3rd 2.61 (Autorout Bug) This is a 100% working Version. The German CadSoft Computer GmbH was founded by Rudolf Hofer and Klaus-Peter Schmidinger in 1988 to develop EAGLE, a 16-bit PCB design application for DOS. Originally, the software consisted of a layout editor with part libraries only. An auto-router module became available as optional component later on. With EAGLE 2.0, a schematics editor was added in 1991. The software used BGI video drivers, and XPLOT to print. In 1992, version 2.6 changed the definition of layers, but designs created under older versions (up to 2.05) could be converted into the new format using the provided UPDATE26.EXE utility. Licensed builds were dongle protected. AppleSeed 2023
Manufacturer: CADSOFT
Localization: EN

Files to download

#23566DOS Eage PCB 2_6.zip2.5 MB0x61BC50C9

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