ESX Server 2.5.2

Category: OS
Year: 2005
Description:This is the ESX hypervisor 2.5.2. This is a multipart zip but Vetusware won't let me use the extensions .001 .002 etc, so rename them to something like and it may unzip fine. I donno. Try these serial numbers. 0KMF5-06E02-0250J-42JAH / 0TW0J-084FW-0C3AJ-42125 / SMP: 0JWA5-00H6X-0962J-48H2H
Manufacturer: VMware Inc.
Localization: EN
OS: Unix

Files to download MB0x3741636FFake? MB0x6CE5C2B0 MB0x3793A2A7 MB0x908A2173
#20041VC-1.3.1-GOLD.iso.7z57.9 MB0x97638225

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