EF2000 2.0

Category: Games
Year: 1997
Description:EF2000 V2.0 with 3Dfx, Rendition Verite and DirectX (with software renderer) support. Contains EF2000 TACTCOM add-on (New missions, Scenario Editor, Extra options on Multiplayer: LAN, Internet).This version only works on Windows 9x/ME. BIN+CUE
Manufacturer: Digital Image Design Ltd.
Localization: EN
OS: Windows 9x/ME

Files to download

#17096EF2KV2.part01.rar25 MB0xE282C1FB
#17097EF2KV2.part02.rar25 MB0xFF4AE98F
#17098EF2KV2.part03.rar25 MB0xBA85F62A
#17099EF2KV2.part04.rar25 MB0xFC33559A
#17100EF2KV2.part05.rar25 MB0xD831C16
#17101EF2KV2.part06.rar25 MB0xFF70FF73
#17102EF2KV2.part07.rar25 MB0x9C6DCA92
#17103EF2KV2.part08.rar25 MB0xD7273CC1
#17104EF2KV2.part09.rar25 MB0xF993DBCE
#17105EF2KV2.part10.rar25 MB0xDEB4378A
#17106EF2KV2.part11.rar25 MB0x56C4E47F
#17107EF2KV2.part12.rar25 MB0x1F11E12
#17108EF2KV2.part13.rar25 MB0x2F802488
#17109EF2KV2.part14.rar25 MB0x5C79AC51
#17110EF2KV2.part15.rar25 MB0xB62AF593
#17111EF2KV2.part16.rar25 MB0xD6925499
#17112EF2KV2.part17.rar25 MB0x8195F4D8
#17113EF2KV2.part18.rar25 MB0x676DBF32
#17114EF2KV2.part19.rar16.6 MB0xC6DC0F10

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On Tuesday January 19, 2021 ruenevoices said:

fan made patch/environment to run ef2000 v2

On Sunday December 31, 2017 Chris.Reiser1968 said:

A Voodoo.bat with the Environment Variables
..is helpful..

On Sunday December 31, 2017 Chris.Reiser1968 said:

Open the Iso File with Winimage, extract the Folder EF2000 and copy to your Computer with inserted 3dfx Voodoo1 Card. It's a DosGlide Game and it runs with MS-DOS 6.22 fine with the File GLIDE2X.OVL in Gamefolder. Nice Regards. :)

On Wednesday March 9, 2016 Kursan said:

Oh, and before it's reported as fake because the archives contain no executables:
This is a CD-image, to use it you'll need an image mounting program such Daemon Tools or, if it's still exists, Alcohol 120%. For Win 9x/ME use older versions, because nowadays versions don't support Win 9x/ME!

On Wednesday March 9, 2016 Kursan said:

Sorry guys if I made a mistake, this is my first upload here, and I couldn't find any tutorial how should I proceed.