EAGLE16 1.11

Category: System
Year: 1990
Description:EAGLE16 is a device driver which supports reading and writing of MS-DOS diskettes from Eagle 1600 tm series computers on PC XT- or AT-compatible machines. Under DOS 3.2, the utilities FORMAT, DISKCOPY and DISKCOMP are supported, as well as normal DOS read and write operations. To use EAGLE16, your computer must be PC AT-, XT- or IBM Personal System/2 compatible. Computers such as the Tandy 2000 or the Zenith Z-150 are not suitable because of their relative incompatibility. Further, your computer must be equipped with either a 5.25" high-density (1.2 Megabyte) or 5.25" "quad" density drive, such as the Teac 55F. The diskette adapter on your computer must match the diskette drive characteristics. That is, a high-density drive must be used with a high-density adapter. Many manufacturers, such as Western Digital, produce high-density diskette adapters for XT-style computers, and these may be used successfully with EAGLE16. Currently, we support only the first(or primary) diskette adapter in a system. Eagle16 IS NOT FREE SOFTWARE, but rather, user-supported "Shareware". That is, if you find it useful, you must register - more details are given in the documentation file.
Manufacturer: Sydex
Localization: EN

Files to download

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