Draw Perfect 1.0

Category: OS
Year: 1990
Description:Paquete gr?fico para realizar im?genes vectoriales que se exportaban a WordPerfect 5.1
Manufacturer: WordPerfect Corp.
Localization: ES

Files to download

#9131DPerfect.rar1 MB0x1EBAFFF9

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On Wednesday June 5, 2013  said:

Either way, the two diskette images are entirely unlike the six diskettes that the Dutch DrawPerfect 1.1 on this site has. Also there seems to be a lot of SHELL stuff and very little DR stuff aside from the executables. I therefore think that this was simply a "grab" from an installed folder with a dubious mix of content. May still be useful though...

On Wednesday June 5, 2013  said:

This appears to have the English Drawperfect 1.1 INSTALL.EXE on it, but this does not recognise the disks. Not sure yet whether this is in fact Spanish (as marked) or English (which I'd prefer).

On Wednesday November 28, 2012 Os said:

I download this

On Friday October 29, 2010 luga said:

Sorry, I mistook the category.