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Category: Office
Year: 1990
Description:This is as installed and not a copy of the installtion discs. You will need 286 / 386 with 1.44 floppy drive, Microsoft Serial Mouse on COM 1 for R/H operation. You will need to add FILES=30 in your Config.sys file. DW5 set up for the Quietwriter III printer on LPT1 (no other printers will work with this as not set up for them). You can use basic character set, but DW5 set up for Quietwiter III extended PC character font (Cartridge) set as well. - Font set 1 Courier 10,12,15,17. Font set 2 Courier 12 Italic. Font set 3 Prestige Pica 10, Elite 12,17. Note when printing with extended PC character set all of these specified fonts must be available. Graphics printing option not installed as this takes up 5Mb.Copy files to Hard drive and type in DW5 at the C prompt.Set up was working on a 286 with 7Mb extended ram 1mb expanded ram on 11-07-09
Manufacturer: IBM
Localization: EN

Files to download

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