Disk-Count Software Compufile VT 1987

Category: Other
Year: 1987
Description:The Compufile series is a set of crude low end and low cost commercial database applications customized for different purposes. "For people who keep a library of tapes, this system will organize the titles and actors on any number of disks. Position index field is provided. Video tape labels include "Tape Number","Date", and up to four "Titles with Time and Counter location". Label updates can be made individually or for all entries. Reference catalog output can be organized by title,actor, or subject. Tape number and rating listed. Requires DOS 2.xx" Requires ANSI.SYS
Manufacturer: Disk-Count Software Inc.
Localization: EN

Files to download

#20221Disk-Count Software Compufile VT (1987) (5.25-360k).zip82.6 KB0x8FBF6375

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