Direct Access 5.1

Category: System
Year: 1992
Description:A DOS program loader UI
Manufacturer: Delta Technology International
Localization: EN

Files to download

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On Tuesday January 23, 2024 kris said:

i really love this program. i dont suppose anyone has a link to the documentation? specifically, i'm trying to edit the pcx file to change the startup logo. the default logo itself has text that mentions how the documentation explains how to "consult your users manual for instruction on putting your companies logo here!" and so i'd love to do this. but each time i edit the file, it refuses to load the file so i think its a file format thing.
any help or a link to the ducumentation would be bloody awesome!!!

On Friday July 22, 2016 chusaini said:

how to install direct acces 5.1 in windows 7

On Saturday December 13, 2014 Mac G said:

I've got a copy of this someplace. I will look for as soon as I get some time. Not sure what version. If anyone remembers the program PC-Tools, I have that to, but it is password protected and I don't know how hack the password. I got some other stuff. Will upload as soon as I can ..
Mac ...

On Monday December 31, 2012  said:

DONT INSTALL just copy menu.bat

On Wednesday November 14, 2012 John Widhi said:

Hi I'm still using this program until today. The computer is old & maybe needs replacement soon.
Thanks for this program maybe very useful to me.

On Saturday September 8, 2012 Nor Shore said:

WOW - a blast from the past! I used this AWESOME program on my old XT in 1984-ish. I would've been lost without it as it's main purpose was to keep my parents from seeing/running anything other than their game of solitaire! Thank you for posting this for us 'ol DOS junkies to play with. Now to dust off the 'ol XT and install 'er!

On Tuesday April 24, 2012 account3r2 said:

The password was BYTESSS for the maintenance. Just type that and change the password.

On Tuesday November 9, 2010 000007Ray said:

Why would you post a fake file?? DOS is awesome.

On Monday January 25, 2010 Guru Steve said:

Hi Everyone - I've managed to decrypt the password to get into the maintenance menu - it's "BYTESSS" (without the quotation marks though!)

On Wednesday July 8, 2009 r9delta said:

Don't install it. Just copy it to where ever you need and run main.bat. Whoever made this before passworded the maintanance so you'll need to delete the configuration files (menu.dat and just menu with no extension i believe)

On Tuesday January 6, 2009 Rob McCracken said:

Hi - when I try to install, it keeps asking for disk #2 - how do I get around this? Thanks! Rob

On Thursday April 17, 2008 _Ard (guest) said:

this is a very cool GUI for DOS. it has a tree and customizable menus and quite a lot of other things that you'll just have to check out for yourself