Direct Access 5.1 Menu 5.1

Category: Utility
Year: 1991
Description:This was the menu installed on my custom 386DX40 Desktop PC bought in 1993. Was my favorite menu system for many years. File list: Direct Access 5.1 Menu System 1991 - 5th Generation Systems 3.5" 1.44Mb Diskette DA51MENU.IMG - Created with FreeDOS DISKCOPY.EXE Simply copy file to disk. SYNTAX DISKCOPY DA51MENU.IMG A: (Assuming drive A is your 3.5" floppy drive). DA51MENU.IMA - Created with WinImage16 From Windows 3.1
Manufacturer: 5th Generation Systems
Localization: EN

Files to download

#14659DA51MENU.zip2 MB0x8F74A173

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On Wednesday May 27, 2015 Samael Leamas said:

Dude, this takes me way back before Windows 95... when Dos was sooo awesome.... man i miss that era... the DOS gaming era when you need to know IRQ, DMA, etc... I've built 3 high end pc for retro video games. one for DOS its a P2 450MHz with 64Megs of ram SoundBlaster Awe 32 and high end modem $300...USRobotics Corrier V everything. ...i know a bit over killed second one its for winsdows 95 glide gamming you know it has 2 voodoo II cards... i miss the Glide graphics Need forspped 2 in glide mode was my favorite. and my last pc its for playing games that was made only for an specific card. Diamond Edge 3D. I love the early and mid 90's DOS evirroment. Fifa 96 for DOS ;)