Digital Research CP/M-8680 2.1

Category: OS
Year: 1982
Description:CP/M-8680 is a hybrid version of CP/M for the Digital DEC Rainbow computer that can run software designed for both CP/M-80 and CP/M-86. This is possible because the DEC Rainbow includes an 8-bit Z80 co-processor in addition to its more powerful 16-bit Intel 8086. This archive contains a 400k disk image of CPM-8680 2.1 for the DEC Rainbow. Important: This disk will not work on an IBM PC or compatible. The DEC Rainbow used a very non-standard 400K single sided, 80 tack, 5.25" format. Use IMGDISK 1.18 to write it to a floppy disk. To write these you must use a double density (360k) disk in a high density 1.2mb drive. This archive also includes a Teledisk image.
Manufacturer: Digital Research
Localization: EN

Files to download

#18802Digital Research CPM-8680 2.1 [DEC Rainbow](400k SSDD 5.25).7z154.8 KB0x34E452AB

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