Design Express For Labels 1.14

Category: Office
Year: 1998
Description:DesignExpress is a powerful program for creating labels, envelopes, index cards, rotary index cards and more. The program includes support for hundreds of labels and specialty paper products from vendors like Avery, Maco, Z-Labels and others. If it's not there, you can create your own custom templates in seconds. It also includes easy to use cross references to help identify compatible labels from other vendors. Features Include: * Smart Designs - Put a design professional inside your computer. Smart Designs automatically create designs for all the most common tasks. Variations for layout, graphic elements and font selections. * Label Sets - You can design more than a single label to be printed in one pass. No more messing with merge files to come up with a half-way solution. Simply press Duplicate Design, and a second copy is automatically generated. Perfect for disk labels, name tags, business cards, etc. * Text Effects - Make your designs stand out with Text Effects. Wrap text around curves, set it on an angle or an arch, rotate it, etc. Create full-coloured text fills and drop shadows. On those occasions when you need full merge capability, DesignExpress makes it a snap. Insert all your merge fields in one quick step. Fully compatible with standard formats such as dBASE and ASCII delimited. * Built-in Personal Database - Create and manage small databases directly within the program.
Manufacturer: MicroVision Development
Localization: EN
OS: Windows 9x/ME

Files to download

#8664designexpress95.zip2 MB0xA1086DB4

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