Derive 4.11 4.11

Category: Other
Year: 1996
Description:Powerful symbolic math program with many many features. Takes up very little amount of space and memory.
Manufacturer: Soft WareHouse
Localization: EN

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#11555derive411.zip565.7 KB0xF7FAC057

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On Tuesday March 1, 2022 Casketizer said:

Works fine on Android with "Magic DOSBox" DOS Emulator.
Derive gone mobile!

On Monday March 27, 2017 Giuseppe Ferrero said:

I bring to your attention this simple example: do the program calculate the integral of cos(x)^7/(7^x + 1) from -pi/2 to +pi/2, and you'll find the exact answer, that is 16/35. I never found the same result by any other mathematical software I know (wxMaxima, Sage, and also Mathematica), which can only calculate numerically the solution. It's really a great thing for a program which occupies only a 566 KB of memory!

On Wednesday March 25, 2015 Alex Ruben said:

I got through the university math courses using this one in the old days of DOS. It runs in 32 bit if 386 or higher is detected, excellent simplify algorithms and solvers plus a great plotting system