Delphi 4

Category: Utility
Year: 1998
Description:Inprise Delphi 4 was released in 1998. IDE came with a completely overhauled editor and became dockable. VCL added support for ActionLists anchors and constraints. Additional improvements were method overloading, dynamic arrays, Windows 98 support, Java interoperability, high performance database drivers, CORBA development, and Microsoft BackOffice support.
Manufacturer: Inprise
Localization: EN
OS: Windows 9x/ME

Files to download

#12917Delphi4.part1.rar47.7 MB0x6137AE84Fake?
#12918Delphi4.part2.rar47.7 MB0xB9E74551
#12919Delphi4.part3.rar47.7 MB0xD3732387
#12920Delphi4.part4.rar29.5 MB0x49247CB

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On Saturday July 22, 2017 Mr. Arthur H. Benitez said:

This one's definitely NOT A FAKE. I managed to install it on my copy of Windows XP Professional SP3, which I ran on Microsoft's Virtual PC. Anyway, this copy of Delphi 4 (which is Borland's Delphi Client/Server Suite v4.0 Build 5.33, to be exact) is supposed to be the contents of a CD, so after extracting the contents of the four RAR files into a folder, you have to make an ISO file of the folder using some ISO-making software (I used WinISO), then you'd have to mount the ISO using some ISO-mounting software like Daemon Tools or Farstone Virtual Drive, then that's the time that you can install Delphi 4. If you just extracted the contents of the four RAR files into a folder then ran the setup file, you'd receive an error indicating that Delphi 4 couldn't "see" the "RunImage" folder, so you'd have to "follow" what I did (i.e., to make an ISO file out of the folder containing the contents of the four RAR files) in order to successfully install this baby..

On Monday April 11, 2016 esmail said:


On Wednesday May 14, 2014 Mikke said:

This is Client/Server edition