Dauphin DTR Utilities Various

Category: System
Year: 1993
Description:A zip file containing all of the utilities for the Dauphin DTR-1 pen computer. Includes utilities for DOS and Windows 3.1. - Utility to enable the serial port - Utility to enable the optional AT/Lantic Ethernet card - Ethernet driver for AT/Lantic card - Ethernet diagnostic and setup utility for AT/Lantic card - Utility to enable the modem - Windows utilities to disable/enable the LCD - Vesa extensions - Driver to allow the pen to act as a mouse for DOS programs - DOS pen calibration utility Also includes a few batch files and readme.
Manufacturer: Dauphin
Localization: EN

Files to download

#17168dauphin_utils.zip163.1 KB0x7E07FE55

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On Monday April 11, 2016 Joe Lyman said:

I have used this with my Dauphin DTR-1. Keep in mind that the driver and utilities support I/O mode for the network card, but I've only ever had it work in shared memory mode. You'll have to exclude D000-D3FF from emm386 in order for it to work properly (or whatever memory block you setup.) The serial utility and modem utility allow you to switch the shared port between the 9-pin jack and the modem, you can only use one at a time.