Dauphin DTR Burn-in Test Suite 3.5

Category: System
Year: 1993
Description:This is the factory burn-in and test suite for the Dauphin DTR-1 pen computer. According to the menu files, this is version 3.5. These files were salvaged from a used Kittyhawk drive, and appear to be the final test before a DTR-1 was shipped out; I don't know if these were normally shipped out with the DTR-1 production units (I've never seen them.) They were in C:\TEST\. They include a menu (run startup.bat) of tests, a variety of EXE and COM utilities, and some data files. They are really only useful for Dauphin owners, and even then, they are more for history than anything else.
Manufacturer: Dauphin
Localization: EN

Files to download

#22039Dauphin_Burnin_Tests.zip1.3 MB0xC1EEA393

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