Das Boot

Category: Games
Year: 1990
Description:This is an U-Boat simulation from 1990. Most of you will know the movie Das Boot. You will know the atmosphere of the movie, the panic and the claustrophobic environment, and the chances are that you liked it. This is the game Das Boot, and the first thing I’ll say to you is not to expect a reproduction of the movie. Although some of the missions bear some resemblance to the movie, they are not identical. I noticed little of the environment known from the movie. Besides that, this is a simulator: sometimes many activities need to be performed in order to complete your mission successfully. You are the captain of a German U-boat during WW2. There are certain missions available, and it’s up to you to complete them, keeping your ship and crew safe while doing so. You’ll be facing fighter raids, depth charges and cannon fire so you’ve got your work cut out. +++RUNS IN WINDOWS XP AND DETECTS THE MOUSE AUTOMATICALLY. BUT HAS NO SOUND IN XP. +++ IN WITHIN DOSBOX IT's BEST (BECAUSE THERE THE SOUND IS PRESENT)+++ ALL KEYBOARD SHORTCUTS INCLUDED (check out the .TXT file inside the folder). YOU WILL NEED THEM TO PLAY THE GAME+++HAVE FUN.
Manufacturer: Artech Studios
Localization: EN

Files to download

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