Darkseed.繁体中文.TraditionalChinese v1.0

Category: Games
Year: 1992
Description:黑暗之蛊是Cyberdreams于1992年推出的一款恐怖冒险PC游戏,大名鼎鼎H. R. Giger为这个游戏设计图象,同时游戏剧情也以主角在噩梦中被异形往大脑里植入胚胎开头,剧情接下来让主角在黑暗世界和现实世界交替解密。虽然现在看来游戏画面实在简陋,但在20多年前达到10M也算是个不小的容量,除了视觉冲击,游戏的心理恐怖至今让人难忘。
Manufacturer: Cyberdreams, Inc
Localization: CN

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On Monday March 2, 2020 marxx2 said:

Yes, this is the Taiwanese language version of the game. I couldnt play it back then because you needed a fast computer to run it. at least a 486 and a good graphic card I think. It used hi-res graphics and the CD rom version had also speech. Very atmospheric game with a surreal story. I will upload the CD version (littler better because it has voice acting and sounds) of it, bundled with DOSbox.

On Monday February 17, 2020 Roger Winthorpe said:

The Darkness is a horror adventure PC game launched by Cyberdreams in 1992. The famous HR Giger designed images for this game. At the same time, the plot of the game also began with the protagonist implanted into the brain with an alien in the nightmare. The protagonist decrypts alternately in the dark world and the real world. Although it seems that the game screen is really rude now, but reaching 10M more than 20 years ago can be considered a small capacity. In addition to the visual impact, the psychological horror of the game is still unforgettable.
It's version 1.5 of the game, and appears to be translated into Traditional Chinese. Seems to run OKay in DOSBOX.