Dancad3D 2.0 Beta 3

Category: Other
Year: 1987
Manufacturer: Daniel H Hudgins
Localization: EN

Files to download

#3803[DOS_Application]_Daniel_H_Hudgins_-_Dancad3D_2.0_Beta_3_-_Distribution_Disks.zip228 KB0x4FC64C0F

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On Thursday November 16, 2006 Dan (guest) said:

This is a very old pre v2.5 version of a CAD/drawing/animation program, please check www.DANCAD3D.com (sm) for information about v3.7 and other current CAD/CAM program versions. Curent versions have hidden line/solid with lighting. After 1989 CAM programs were added to have the computer act as a machine control and cut actual parts from tool path lines drawn with DANCAD3D (tm). Videos about DANCAD3D (tm) and the CAM programs are at the authors WEB site.