Dac-Easy Word 2 or II

Category: Office
Year: 1987
Description:Selecting a word processing program that is easy to install and even easier to use is a "dream come true." Finding such simplicity should never be taken for granted. Dac-Easy Word II is powerful and yet extremely compact! It fits on one 720k diskette. Therefore, it can travel with you anywhere you go, but a modern USB jump drive is certainly the better way to keep it in storage. Dac-Easy Word II uses its own file format, and even though it does not export to WordStar or to Microsoft Word, it can still save to the vanilla-plain standard text configuration, and so your data will not be lost. Of course, it would mean not maintaining enhancements such as bold and underline. However, there are times when those additions simply are "icing on the cake," which you may decide not to have, anyway. For anyone who may already have Dac-Easy Word I, importing those older files into Dac-Easy Word II is simple. It can also accept text files, using both the ASCII and the paragraph delimited formats. This means that you can interface with Dac-Easy Light. Imagine what a powerful accounting and reporting system the two can be. Surprisingly, no Widows version ever came under development for either of these two impressive products.
Manufacturer: Dac Software
Localization: EN

Files to download

#11310Dictionary Printers Disk.zip155.5 KB0x1C34B10F
#11309Install Help Disk.zip135.7 KB0x1B72ED27

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