DR-DOS 7.03

Category: OS
Year: 1999
Description:Note: The .144 files are floppy images that can be written and read by WinImage.
Manufacturer: Caldrea
Localization: EN

Files to download

#5825disk01.zip1.2 MB0x22E89ED9
#5826disk02.zip1.2 MB0x9521C1CC
#5827disk03.zip1.2 MB0xAC6CBCCA
#5828disk04.zip1.3 MB0x509D3D4A
#5829disk05.zip961.8 KB0xADB135A3

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On Monday May 11, 2015 sattat said:

works well on my 486

On Friday May 10, 2013  said:

This is good working version of DRDOS 703. It can be successful install under VMWare. Dont look on file's extension 144, It is correct WinImage format.