DR DOS 7.02 versions 7.02

Category: OS
Year: 1997
Description:Caldera DR DOS (or OpenDOS) 7.02 versions. There are 6 versions exist. I've repacked original od702.zip or dr702.zip to .7z format. Sorry, I have not any IMAGE versions.
Manufacturer: Caldera
Localization: EN

Files to download

#14355DR DOS 7.02 19980205.7z5.5 MB0xB4FAD0BA
#14356DR DOS 7.02 19980227.7z5.5 MB0xAC9C68B1
#14354OpenDOS 7.02 19971219.7z5.5 MB0x6F7B3845
#14351OpenDOS 7.02 BETA 19970829.7z5.5 MB0xC1A0D015
#14352OpenDOS 7.02 BETA 19970904.7z5.5 MB0x2BE9E0B2
#14353OpenDOS 7.02 BETA 19971124.7z5.5 MB0x2FA87A61

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