DOSBox Shell 0.63

Category: Utility
Year: 2004
Description:An x86 emulator with sound and graphics. DOSBox creates a shell for you which looks like old plain DOS.
Manufacturer: Not specified
Localization: EN
OS: Windows 9x/ME

Files to download

#159DOSBox0.63-win32-installer.exe1 MB0xE6A9400B

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On Saturday December 9, 2017 Bill Lee said:

Vdos (for Graphics) and VdosPlus (for text-based programs) may be more useful than DosBox.
VdosPlus is being adopted for use of such editor/word procesors programs as WordStar, Xywrite, WordPerfect.

On Sunday April 20, 2008 Janzu said:

DOSBox Shell 0.63 came out around (18th?) November 2004

On Wednesday March 7, 2007 guest (guest) said:

Woks great for DOS games on a new PC, lots of memory available. You have to learn to mount drives but then it woks like a dream, better than MS-DOs under virtual PC

On Friday November 24, 2006 guest (guest) said:

This is not an OS. This is a utility to emulate an OS. It runs on windows 9x-XP and is at time of writing at version 0.65. Visit for more info.