Category: Games
Year: 1995
Description:This is an update fix to the executable for Sim City Urban Renewal Kit for Sim City 2000. I have had Sim City 2000 for DOS on my computer forever but I have not needed to use SCURK since the days of my Pentium 200. I was surprised an annoyed the other day when I discovered that it didn't want to run on my computer. First it said I didn't have enough memory - it reported that I had a negative amount of RAM! I got around that with a special command line parameter but then it refused to recognize the VESA support for my Voodoo 5 (VESA 3 compatible) card. I figured that was a glitch in the detection code so I had at it with a hex editor, found, and squashed the problem. This version should now recognize all of the same VESA compatible cards (only tested on my computer) as SC2000. And as a bonus I permanently disabled the faulty memory check. First you must already have Sim City Urban Renewal Kit / Sim City 2000 for DOS installed on your hard drive. This executable will do nothing without that. Download the file, and extract the file munge.exe in to your installation folder over the old one. I do not guarantee this will work or help anyone else but it did get the program running on my computer again.
Manufacturer: Nathan C Lineback
Localization: EN

Files to download

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