DOS Plus 1.2

Category: OS
Year: 1986
Manufacturer: Digital Research
Localization: EN

Files to download

#3838[DOS Application] Digital Research - DOS Plus 1.2 - Distribution Disks.zip263.2 KB0xE4E0815D

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On Thursday March 4, 2010  said:

> Nothing to do with TRS-80!
No actually. from , "DOSPLUS" brand name was owned by Micro-Systems Software's TRS-80 operating system.
In 1986 Digital Research, Inc. acquired the DOSPLUS trademark from Micro-Systems Software, marking the absolute end of TRS-80 DOSPLUS. Although a completely unrelated product, Digital Research used the name “DOS Plus” for their CP/M-86 and MS-DOS 2 compatible operating system for many years.

On Saturday March 28, 2009 mborkows said:

DOS Plus is the intermediate step between CP/M-86 and DR-DOS, supports programs and disk formats from both.
This version is dedicated for Amstrad PC, but works with other PCs as well.
Nothing to do with TRS-80!

On Thursday May 10, 2007 Alexandre Fernandes (guest) said:

This was a good operating system for TRS-80 based computers