DNDBBS v5.0a r2.0a

Category: Games
Year: 2019
Description:The DNDBBS modem adventure game.
Manufacturer: Erik Jon Oredson
Localization: EN

Files to download

#22510dnd50a1e.zip18.2 MB0x60F27522
#22511DND50A2S.ZIP3.4 MB0xD60CB0E6
#22512DND50A2U.ZIP8.3 MB0x7C34F1AB
#22528DND50A2P.ZIP21.6 MB0xB08358A1

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On Friday July 9, 2021 Erik Jon Oredson said:

The DNDBBS is an adventure game which
supports modem and telnet access to a
rpg style mud oriented system. 2021.