DESQview/X 2.1

Category: Utility
Year: 1994
Manufacturer: Quaterdeck
Localization: EN

Files to download

#3985desqview.zip8.8 MB0xA934B0FCFake?

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On Thursday September 9, 2010  said:

Serial (since many were asking): 100-16X-41940

On Thursday January 28, 2010 said:

how do I Start this?

On Friday October 9, 2009 themaritimegirl said:

UPDATE: All right! For anyone trying to run DV/X in an emulator on a modern computer, it runs fine under MS-DOS 6.22 in VirtualBox 2.2.4 and 3.0.8!

On Friday October 9, 2009 themaritimegirl said:

Based on what i've read and screenshots i've seen, this looks like a wonderful GUI - however, I can't get it to run in Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 or DOSBox 0.73.
I will try to get it running in VirtualBox, and last on my 266 MHz laptop.

On Monday June 22, 2009 Michael McBroom said:

I actually own a copy of DESQview/X v2.21, and was glad to find it here because a couple of my floppies are no longer readable. Unfortunately, after d/l'ing this and burning it to CD, I cannot get it to install on my machine. It won't take the S/N listed previously. I even tried the S/N that's on my disk #1, still no joy. Has anyone here been able to install this copy? If so, what S/N did you use?

On Wednesday November 19, 2008  said:

*** DESQview/X is (was) much, much more than just a task switcher or even a windowing system. It was an X-Windows client and server for DOS. ***
At about the same time that MS released "Windows for Workgroups," Quarterdeck released Deskview/X, a full-fledged X-Window system for DOS (you know, the GUI used by Unix & Linux.) It featured a window manager, file manager, app manager, X-Server, FTP client and server, NFS client and server, NetBIOS and NetWare support. It could even run Windows 3.1 within a window. It also allowed you to run Unix X-Windows apps. (via network) that really ran on the Unix workstation, a sort of advanced "remote desktop." Also, other Unix X-Workstations and X-Terminals could run DOS and Windows 3.1 apps. through the DESQview/X X-Server. Anyway, it was a great and much more stable alternative to Windows 3.1 especially when used in conjunction with Unix workstations and servers. I still use it to this day on my low-end Pentium machines. Oh did I mention that Mac OS-X is Unix? :-)

On Sunday November 16, 2008  said:

Found it - 000-06X-00009

On Sunday November 16, 2008  said:

Requires a Key - Think you could tell me what it is???

On Wednesday March 26, 2008 guest (guest) said:

This was a DOS multitasker, I used to run it under MS-DOS 6.22 with the QEMM memory manager. If you need multi-tasking on a legacy platform and detest Windows give this a try.

On Thursday March 15, 2007 Genghis (guest) said:

Quarterdeck's predecessor to DESQview was a task switching product called DESQ which allowed users to switch between running programs. It was not very popular, and the task-switching market was primarily dominated by Software Carousel, a product with limited windowing capabilities. Quarterdeck revamped its package, bringing multitasking in, and adding TopView compatibility; it was renamed DESQview.