Crosstalk XVI 3.61

Category: Communication
Year: 1986
Description:"Crosstalk-XVI - Supercharged communications software for your high powered 16 bit PC." Originally released in 1982, Crosstalk-XVI is a powerful telecommunications program for the IBM PC with many scripting features. This archive contains one 320k (8-sector double sided) floppy disk image. Note: This disk is formatted for DOS 1.x, and may not open in tools such as WinImage.
Manufacturer: Microstuf, Inc
Localization: EN

Files to download

#15912Crosstalk XVI 3.61 (5.25).7z495 KB0x68E34E2E
#15913Crosstalk XVI 3.61 Manual.7z42 MB0x5F8A680

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