CompuShow 2000 1.01a

Category: Utility
Year: 1994
Description:CompuShow 2000! is a graphics display program for CompuServe GIF, CompuServe RLE, MacPaint, PC Paint/Pictor, PC Paintbrush, Dr. Halo, Ega Paint, ColoRix, Targa, IFF/LBM/HAM, Windows Paint BMP, TIFF, GEM/Ventura IMG and JPEG (JFIF) graphics images. It supports Hercules, CGA, PCjr/Tandy-1000, EGA, "Super-EGA", MCGA, VGA, XGA, IBM Professional Graphics Controller and 8514/A adapters. Super-VGA support includes all adapters with VESA BIOS Extensions plus AcuMos, Ahead Systems, ATI, Chips & Technologies, Compaq, DGIS, Everex, Genoa, NCR, Oak Technologies, Paradise, STB, Tseng Labs, TIGA, Trident and Video7. "Hi-color" (32k and 64k colors) and "true-color" (16m colors) display modes are supported on all adapters with version 1.2 VESA BIOS Extensions plus ATI, Compaq, Diamond, XGA, STB Ergo and Tseng Labs. CompuShow 2000! also provides 16 color graphics displays on a CGA, PCjr/Tandy, Amstrad PC1512, AT&T 6300, Cirrus, Hercules InColor, Plantronics, and Tandy 1000SL/TL.
Manufacturer: Compuserve
Localization: EN

Files to download

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