Compaq DOS 5.00 Revision C 5.00

Category: OS
Year: 1991
Description:ompaq MS-DOS Ver. 5.00 121891 Rev. C 4 1.44Mb Diskette Set DISK1=FASTART.144 DISK2=SYSTEM.144 DISK3=OPERATE1.144 DISK4=OPERATE2.144 These disk images were created from FreeDOS using the FreeDOS DISKCOPY.EXE DOS command. To write to disks, you must be in a DOS booted system and use the DISKCOPY command. Make sure you have 4 blank formatted 1.44Mb diskettes. SYNTAX: DISKCOPY FASTART.144 A: These images are also compatible with the DOS DCF5.3 (DiskCopyFast 5.3) program which is available for download on this site. My philosophy for sharing is this: DOS archives should be accessible in either traditional DOS, FreeDOS or at worst, in Windows 3.1. I prefer to work in real DOS mode not virtual,and I detest loading an XP disk in VirtualBox to extract a DOS archive.
Manufacturer: Compaq Computer Corporation
Localization: EN

Files to download

#14660COMPAQ5.ZIP2 MB0x9843340F

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