Commodore Amiga Bridgeboard Janus Software 2.1

Category: OS
Year: 1992
Description:These are the supporting software files in amiga format to get the PC bridgeboards working. The PC side will need to be extracted on the amiga and then copied to a dos disk. These are the original files that I found. Tested with a A2286 (80286) system in an amiga A2000HD
Manufacturer: Commodore International
Localization: EN

Files to download

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On Friday August 3, 2012 ThunderSqueak said:

Converted them to an easier to use format for each side. Winimage (standard ms-dos) can now be used for the dos side. The other side has been upgraded to an adf format to allow ease of use with amiga explorer.​Commodore%20Amiga%20Bridgeboar​d%20Janus%20Software%202.1%20i​n%20standard%20image%202.1/?id​=8546

On Wednesday August 1, 2012 ThunderSqueak said:

The disks are in DMS format, this cannot be used in programs such as winimage. You will need to either use a real amiga, or an amiga emulator to use them. If you use an emulator, you would use "Virtual DMS floppy drive" then extract them to the ram disk then copy to a 720K PC (ms-dos) formatted floppy disk. I figured that this should not be a problem as if you are looking for this software you will be most likely using a real amiga and trying to get the real hardware to work. This should work with the A2088, A2088XT, A2286AT, and A2386SX bridgeboards. Thanks :)