Commodore 386SX-25 System ROMs (BIOS+Video)

Category: System
Year: 1992
Description:I dumped these two from a Commodore 386SX-25. It has Award BIOS 4.20. Video BIOS is for Acumos AVGA2 as well as for Cirrus Logic GD-5402, they are both same.
Manufacturer: Commodore, Award, Acumos, Cirrus
Localization: EN

Files to download

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On Thursday March 18, 2021 Bo Zimmerman said:

#Chigana Never Liked Kibana :
As an expert, you undoubtedly know that rom images are invaluable for repairing broken systems, both for replacing bad roms, and in studying to diagnose boot-time issues.
They are also necessary when using certain kinds of emulators.

On Sunday October 28, 2018 Chigana Never Liked Kibana said:

This is great, but even as an expert, I don't know what this is for?
When will I need this?
How can I use it?

On Sunday October 28, 2018 Sdos said:

I forgot to add some info:
Displayed on boot:
Award Modular BIOS V4.20
Commodore 386SX-25 BIOS Version 1.09 391443-09
BIOS ID String:
There are two more dates hidden in BIOS ROM:
04/30/90 and 04/23/90
Some Strings in VIDEO ROM:
Acumos AVGA2
DeskTop VGA BIOS (340-000-11-Rev1.00) Version
Copyright (C) 1984-1991 Phoenix Technologies Ltd.