Command H.Q. 1.97

Category: Games
Year: 1990
Manufacturer: Microplay Software
Localization: EN

Files to download

#14157Command H.Q..zip959 KB0xC72C19C0

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On Monday August 11, 2014 marxx2 said:

Oops..wrong link. here it is now! :-D:​uest.php?3564
p.s:..we could need an edit button on here....*sigh*

On Monday August 11, 2014 marxx2 said:

The first linke doesn't work for some reason. here is the direct download link. that should work:
Command HQ manual:​‚Äč/request.php?1055

On Monday August 11, 2014 marxx2 said:

You will need the original manual for this game. It's here (PDF file):​nload.php?view.3564

On Friday July 25, 2014 marxx2 said:

This is a very cool game and very interesting. Command H.Q. is a wonderful strategy game that simulates the historical World War I and II, the theoretical World War III, the fictionally randomized World War IV, and ????, which is a very distant futuristic war. Command H.Q. is an unendingly replayable game.