Coherent Unix-Clone 4.2.10

Category: System
Year: 1994
Description:UNIX system V clone from 1994. This is the last Version 4 disks set before they got bankrupt. Was a good alternative to SCO and XENIX that days
Manufacturer: MWC Mark Williams Company
Localization: EN
OS: Unix

Files to download

#4917Coherent.zip4.7 MB0xB0BE1D9A

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On Sunday December 28, 2014 khunrah said:

I still have version 4.0 with original 5.25" install disks and a 1126p handbook. But no floppy drive. Now I will try this version in a virtual machine. Thanks for this chance to download it.

On Sunday January 9, 2011 rik5 said:

But I paid 399 guilders for my version of Coherent in 1992! Can that money somehow be restituted?

On Wednesday April 15, 2009 Dwayne Sturge said:

I had used an older version of Coherent (386 I think) and this is the real deal! Written in pure assembly language, if you had the serial ports, you could tie terminals to this up to 10 or more (if you had the right card) I had used this on a real 80386 with maybe 256MB RAm and it was FAST even with multiple jobs running! All UNIX fans, Get This - It's worth it!!