CodeBase 6.4

Category: DBMS
Year: 1998
Description:CodeBase is a fast database engine for C and C++ programmers. CodeBase comes with it's own report engine, which allows distribution, in which the user can create their own reports. CodeBase is portable across all major platforms. Bit optimization - Query Technology allows you to query a 500,000 record data file in less than a second. The Codebase library comes with pre-compiled DLL and full source code. CodeBase is a C library for database management. Its compat- ibility allows you to directly create, access, or change dBASE IV, dBASE III, FoxPro or Clipper data, index, or memo files. CodeBase has full multi-user capabilities. When programs are run on a network, the network is automatically detected and used. CodeBase allows both explicit and automatic record locking and file locking. It is also possible to bypass the locking mechanism and read data locked by another user. All of the CodeBase functions work together to allow C program ers to program at a very high level. Programs will execute very quickly, they will be readable and there will be no unnecessary lines of code. NOTE: DOS, plus Windows DLLs. Included Projectfiles for most compilers. C++, C, Pascal and Basic.
Manufacturer: Sequiter Software Inc.
Localization: EN

Files to download

#16104CodeBase 6.4 (CD).7z27.1 MB0xA387692E

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