Chrome-Imaging Photonyx 1.5 Demo 1.5

Category: Multimedia
Year: 2000
Description:A new Switzerland-based company, CHROME Imaging, recently announced their solution to the wonderful world of post-production Photonyx 1.5 is now shipping. CHROME claims that the software, which is priced at a mere US$675, was designed to address the high-end post-production market. The program features RealTools, a painting palette which simulates real world tools such as crayons, airbrush and charcoal. But moving on to compositing, Photonyx features "Virtual Screens" technology which offers realtime zoom and pan on images of 100MB and upwards, and allows one to compose multiple layers, channels, masks, paths and text with unlimited undo and redo. The software also allows one to composite via Z-Buffer and Object-ID channels, while alpha channels are automatically loaded. Although Photonyx sounds very impressive (especially for the price) calling it "high-end" may be going a little far (the software is unlikely to give inferno* a run for its money), however, the software, I'm sure, will be a great asset to students, hobbyists, and smaller production studios with lower budgets.
Manufacturer: Chrome-Imaging
Localization: EN
OS: Windows 9x/ME

Files to download

#17849Photonyx15demo.zip12.5 MB0x4196612D

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On Monday November 28, 2016 lightcone said:

You can't save or export, but this is the only trace of the program I could find after searching for weeks.