ChiWriter 4

Category: Office
Year: 1990
Manufacturer: Horstmann Software
Localization: EN

Files to download

#3921[DOS Application] Horstmann Software - ChiWriter 4 - Installation Disks.zip908 KB0x1AEEF7E9

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On Thursday November 20, 2014 icant said:

thank you, great help for my study

On Saturday March 23, 2013  said:


On Saturday February 20, 2010  said:

nice software at time...
thank you for chiwriter programmer... great job

On Thursday February 18, 2010  said:

In my opinion the best word processor for DOS. Fast, easy, excellent results. It's a shame that this excellent program dosen?t move to open source app. Sorry for my very bad english.

On Sunday June 1, 2008 guest (guest) said:

What do I do about password?

On Monday January 21, 2008 guest (guest) said:

Chiwriter, one of the most intuitive technical word processers ever made. The output was not camera ready, which imho led to its present status.

On Wednesday October 17, 2007 J. Monderman (guest) said:

Simple, during the first half of the nineties, it was a very sophisticated DOS-based wordprocessor, capable of processing all lettertypes, up to and including Greek, Cyrillic, mathematical symbols etc.