CauseWay for Clipper for Clipper 5.x

Category: DBMS
Year: 2000
Description:As of January 9, 2000, Michael Devore surrendered all his copyrights for CauseWay for Watcom C/C++ & Assembly Language and released it to the public domain. Runtime libraries for CauseWay for Clipper 5, CauseWay for Clarion 2.1, and the trap file source for Watcom retain their separate third party copyrights or are covered by nondisclosure agreements and are not part of the release of the CauseWay software to public domain. As of November 14, 2003, the full set of CauseWay for Clipper binary files is available for download. The files are built from a data file and extractor, called CWBLOOM. These CauseWay for Clipper files will allow anyone with CA-Clipper 5.x to build CauseWay DOS-extended applications and they are the same set of binary files as was originally sold as CauseWay for Clipper 5. The files are made available in a package that excludes the previously problematic Clipper copyright issues. User must have a valid version of Clipper to be able to use the encrypted package, thereby ensuring they already have the code being protected.
Manufacturer: Devore Consulting
Localization: EN

Files to download

#20580CauseWay Linker for Clipper 5.x.7z782.6 KB0xB1E56397

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