Cakewalk Pro Audio 8.0

Category: Multimedia
Year: 1998
Description:Cakewalk Pro Audio 8 is full-featured MIDI and digital audio sequencer with 256 tracks of digital audio along with 256 tracks of MIDI. It has built in effects such as Reverb, Chorus, Delay/Echo, and flange, as well as support for DirectX plugins, notation printing, real-time markers, Real Audio format support, and more. The 8.0 version adds video support, 18/20/22/24-bit audio and 96 KHz sample rate, easier mixdown menu, stereo effects sends, snap to zero-crossing, envelopes, Direct SoundFont support, etc! Congrats to XMAN98 who worked on this. Just extract ALL files in archive to a folder, and click cwpa8.exe to run. Use userreg.reg to input user info
Manufacturer: Cakewalk, Inc.
Localization: EN
OS: Windows 9x/ME

Files to download

#8662Cakewalk Pro Audio 8.rar6.5 MB0xFA10426A

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On Sunday March 28, 2021 janus said:

nice i have my first daw and note transcriber rolled into one Cakewalk never stop to amaze me during my college days until now
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On Sunday January 18, 2015 Alan Doofenshmirtz said:

The DLL problem can be fixed by correcting the path to said DLLs in CAKEWALK.INI. It should be fairly obvious...

On Sunday October 19, 2014 vince94 said:

Doesn't work on Windows 8 - dll error. It might work on a Virtual Machine, though...

On Tuesday May 28, 2013  said:

I'll try this..