CUPS Quantum Mechanics ?

Category: Other
Year: 1995
Description:Developed by john r. hiller (university of minnesota), ian d, johnston (University of Sydney) & danel f. styer (Oberlin College, Ohio) is a set of computer simulations. Programed in Borland Turbo Pascal for MS-Dos, they demonstrate the various aspects of Quantum Mechanics. The floppy came with a book "Quantum Mechanics Simulations Consortium for Upper level Physics Software" Which is Part of series of books on physics containg software just like this, for a wide selection fields. THE FULL LIST: astrophysics, classical mechanics, electricity and magnitism, modern physics, nuclear and particle physics, thermal and satistical physics, waves and optics. The book makes for some dry reading and third eye rupturing. As for the software itself, even if you dont know what your doing, its still fun to play with.
Manufacturer: John Wiley & Sons, INC
Localization: EN

Files to download

#15110CUPS QUANTUM MECHANICS.zip2.1 MB0x62052650Fake?

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On Tuesday February 7, 2017 musicdev said:

Works well with DOSbox.

On Thursday September 8, 2016 Larry Musa said:


On Friday July 22, 2016 Zephir said:

here try this one:​CUPS%20Quantum%20Mechanics%20S​ETUP%20DISK%20John%20Wiley%20_​%20Sons_%20INC/?id=13041

On Tuesday August 11, 2015 arbazgod said:

how to install this plzzzz help