CP/M-86 R1.1 [CDP OEM V1.5]

Category: OS
Year: 1982
Description:OEM v1.5 is a very, very early release from CDP. Note that OEM V1.7 is more stable and already uploaded. This is an OEM version of CP/M-86 sold with and designed for the Columbia Data Products Multi Personal Computer 1600 desktop and VP portable. The CDP MPC 1600 was the first IBM PC hardware compatible clone. This disk will also boot on other IBM PC compatible hardware. This archive contains one 320K (DSDD 8-sector) disk image Important: This is not a DOS formatted disk, therefore utilities like WinImage will not open it.
Manufacturer: Digital Research / Columbia Data Products
Localization: EN

Files to download

#17967CPM-86 R1.1 [CDP OEM V1.5] (5.25-320k).7z90.3 KB0xBE21A5B4

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