CPM 86 1.1

Category: OS
Year: 1983
Manufacturer: Digital Research
Localization: EN

Files to download

#3834[DOS Application] Digital Research - CPM 86 1.1 - Installation Disks.zip240.5 KB0x8CF6AD7E

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On Tuesday March 2, 2010 Peter.Smith said:

To write the disk image to a real physical floppy, you have to use the utility program "COPYQM" (also inside the archive file).
It is NOT any kind of DOS disk, it's really CP/M-86. You have to boot from the created floppy disk then.
Or use DOSPlus or DR-DOS to read the disk. But not MS-DOS or even Windows.

On Wednesday December 9, 2009 k2x4b524p said:

This doesn't work, it's CPM 86 FOR THE AT and CANNOT be converted to a 40 track DSDD 5.25 Drive.

On Thursday August 30, 2007 Fausto (guest) said:

It seems the last version of CP/M the "father" of MS-DOS. I see you have the first version as well. After this version became DR-DOS.

On Friday November 24, 2006 guest (guest) said:

I believe this belongs in the OS category...
CPM was an operating system, and did not run on DOS.
This is either wrongly named or needs a category change.