CJPOS 5.52

Category: Office
Year: 1996
Description:It's a POS system configurable for any business. It creates invoices, estimates/quotes from a user maintained stock database. Sold items are tracked in inventory. Item lookup can be either menu driven or by SKU number. A customer database is kept; including a history of purchases. Store sales analysis can be performed for any range of dates and includes a variety of other reports. Multiple security levels for employees. Store payouts can be logged. Store account charges/payments are tracked; account due bills can be issued. Reports include Receiving Log Report, Sales Total Report, Profit/Loss Totals, Employee Commissions, Non-Taxable Sales, Layaway Account List, Accounts Receivable List, Estimate Work Order Parts Required, and Estimate/Work Order List.
Manufacturer: Cuyahoga Computing Co
Localization: EN

Files to download

#21488cjpos552.zip1.1 MB0x6577C947

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