CD driver for MS-DOS 1.25

Category: System
Year: 1997
Description:IDE CD driver for DOS. Run "gscd" and then run "install". Adds CD capability to MS-DOS/Windows 3.x system.
Manufacturer: Goldstar/LG
Localization: EN

Files to download

#6322gscd.zip132.7 KB0xCEF9E09D

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On Sunday June 2, 2013  said:

This archive contains the device driver GSCDROM.SYS: "E-IDE/ATAPI CD-ROM device driver, Ver 1.25 Copyright (C) LG Electronics Inc. 1997."

On Monday October 26, 2009  said:

I presume this isn't for MS-DOS 1.25 as there is no HDD support, so you cannot "Install" anything...