CA-Clipper 5.3b Intl

Category: DBMS
Year: 1997
Description:CA-Clipper 5.3b Intl- International (several languages) Clipper 5.3 with ClipperTools 3.0, LightLib graphics and patchs.
Manufacturer: Computer Associates International
Localization: EN
OS: Windows 9x/ME

Files to download

#11365CA-Clipper 5.3b Intl.zip15.6 MB0x653250F

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On Wednesday September 2, 2020 dieymir said:

This is version 5.3a (August 96) in Spanish.

On Wednesday January 24, 2018 Herman said:

Tq so much

On Thursday November 26, 2015 yunta said:

Thx for CA CLipper 5.3 !! and CA-tools 3

On Friday July 24, 2015 MohandT said:

Many thanks for CA clipper
all version from summer 87 to 5.3


On Saturday August 31, 2013  said:

That's Spanish Version Not English Not International!!!

On Monday November 12, 2012 krish1012 said:

Thanks for CA-Clipper5.3B and all the other software from the good old dos days