C++ 2.0

Category: System
Year: 1991
Manufacturer: Borland Software
Localization: EN

Files to download

#3718[DOS_Application]_Borland_-_C++_2.0_-_Installed.zip3 MB0xCDD8A24E

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On Monday December 23, 2019 uwotm8 said:

TASM.EXE is missing.

On Wednesday April 10, 2013  said:

That's fine Borland C++ 2.0 for DOS with td.exe. There are missing directory that are CLASSLIB, EXAMPLES, DOC and some files : FILELIST.DOC, README, README.COM.

On Friday April 15, 2011 crookedmouth said:

I can't seem to download anything from this site. I get the message that there is a problem or that I have reached the limit. Any suggestions?

On Friday February 27, 2009 Hobbes said:

This is Borland C++ 2.0 from 1991.