Breadbox Ensemble 4.1.2

Category: Office
Year: 2006
Description:Breadbox Ensemble was an office suite for DOS with a Windows 95-like user interface. It was based on GeoWorks and New Deal Office. This is the full version. Breadbox sold it for quite a while but is no longer in business.
Manufacturer: Breadbox
Localization: EN

Files to download

#17768Breadbox Ensemble 4.1.2.zip9.1 MB0xB6C4F07C

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On Sunday December 13, 2020 padawer said:

If you find that the program won't start after installation, then do this:
Edit the GEOS.INI file (with any raw text editor), changing the line "fs = ms4.geo" to "fs = os2.geo" ... and changing the line "continueSetup = true" to "continueSetup = false" ... This worked for me.

On Friday August 30, 2019 tealow said:

works fine in a real windows 95 environment. I used geoworks 2.0 before, and I am impressed by the updated pdf- and doc-abilities. The www browser is nice enough, too. Too bad that Microsoft was so much cleverer at the time. Cleverer, not better.

On Sunday August 25, 2019 tealow said:

For some reason the install procedure refuses to start. Perhaps a dosbox flaw.

On Tuesday October 30, 2018 Gabi said:

I think is really useful for Ms-Dos.