Borland dBASE IV 2.0

Category: DBMS
Year: 1993
Manufacturer: Borland Software
Localization: EN

Files to download

#3447dbase_IV_v2_UK.rar3.1 MB0xA311603A

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On Monday December 11, 2023 CENGİZ said:


On Sunday November 24, 2019 hwang said:

Gd afternoon.
Thanks and well downloaded dbase4 2.0 version.
I made copy on 5 floppy disks and tried to install in C: drive. Well installed from #1 disket to #3 diskets without any problem. But there was not found dbase.exe file. Can you please help ?

On Saturday December 26, 2015 olier said:


On Tuesday December 24, 2013 BACHIR Abdelkrim said:

u r fine. thank u. MERCI

On Wednesday June 19, 2013  said:

To install this program, you must to download winimage, with this software you can extrack the programa, just select extract and destination folder

On Monday January 7, 2013  said:

People, IMZ files are compressed WinImage floppy disk images. Either open them in WinImage and write them to a floppy , or if you are using an emulator just tell it to mount the image as its "A" drive.
Some emulators don’t like compressed images, in which case open the IMZ in a Zip utility and extract the raw IMA file. (IMZ files are actually just ZIP files that contain the raw floppy disk image).
Then, from your DOS system or emulator change to the "A:" drive and "INSTALL" from the first floppy.


On Friday November 9, 2012 nobodykid said:

how can i install it?
the .nfo is not compatible to my system, and how can i operate this .imz file (is it a separate file just like .001?)

On Sunday October 7, 2012 krish1012 said:

Always loved using dBase. Gets most of the jobs done pronto. You site is a treasury of the good old stuff that amazed us not too long ago on the early PCs.

On Sunday April 29, 2012 Hidhaya said:

how install these dbase ?imz file only there....

On Saturday March 24, 2012 Gary Johnson said:

Thanks for the info on the S/N !! it's nice to have my old friend back once again!! :)

On Tuesday January 31, 2012 loweje said:

Before you start complaining try reading the dBase IV 2.0 UK.nfo file it has the serial number in it


On Tuesday April 10, 2007 flaco (guest) said:

it is an old database porgram